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Synergie Benefits from Strategic Choices

In the 4th quarter, thanks to the improved expertise within its 600 agencies, the SYNERGIE  Group once again strongly outperformed its market in all of the 15 countries where it is  established, with the International side growing by 17.8% and now representing 45%  of its turnover, along with a net improvement in France: 9.5% where the business was down by nearly 7% since the start of the year.

All of the subsidiaries contributed to these excellent results, with noteworthy  developments most particularly in the United Kingdom (24.1%), Germany (20.5%),  Italy (20.1%) and in Belgium (14.5%), while the Iberian Peninsula enjoyed a clear  recovery (29.4%).

These performances confirm the relevance of the strategic choices made in France  and internationally, and of the investments carried out in high potential sectors such  as aeronautics, the specialised tertiary sector, the development of OpenCenters and  of Global Cross Sourcing (international secondment of skills), while relying on the  Group’s totally integrated network.

2014 Objectives

In the context of an economic recovery, particularly on the International side, SYNERGIE  and its 2300 employees have set a growth objective in the area of 10% of the turnover,  while protecting the profitability.


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