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The Staffing Group announces share exchange agreement with EmployUS

Pursuant to the share exchange agreement, EmployUS will exchange all of its shares of common stock for shares of the Company's common stock, which will constitute approximately sixty (60%) percent of the Company's issued and outstanding common stock at Closing. Upon closing of the transaction, EmployUS will become a wholly owned subsidiary of the Company. Based upon the transaction, the Company will cease its current business operations and will engage in the EmployUS business as described below.

The proposed transaction is expected to close upon the successful completion of updated financials by EmployUS. The Company does not foresee any issues with obtaining the financial audit in a timely manner. However, as with all financial transactions there is no guarantee that the Company will be successful in this endeavor.

"This is a major milestone as The Staffing Group begins its foundation, which is commencing with the acquisition of EmployUS, Ltd.," said Brian McLoone, CEO of The Staffing Group, Ltd. "We look forward to integrating EmployUS, Ltd.'s approximately $20M-plus of profitable revenue into The Staffing Group."

The Company recently completed an additional round of bridge financing in order to effectuate the completion of the merger. In the meantime, the Company has postponed its intention to acquire The Safety Group, Ltd. at this time as it has chosen to focus on EmployUS, Ltd. and its current activities. The Company plans on raising additional monies to address certain financial obligations and pursue future acquisitions, but is enthusiastic to have an established and productive nucleus to its roll-up strategy.


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