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40 multinationals expected at UKs largest African recruitment event

Established in 2002, the event’s twelfth edition is expected to bring up to 40 major employers from across Africa to the UK in search of the strongest African work-authorised professional talent available internationally.

Since the Summit’s inception, and particularly in recent years, several event companies have entered the international recruitment space seeking to capitalise on burgeoning demand. Global Career Company’s Talent Acquisition Director, Cassandra Pittman, offers an insight as to why.

“People have spoken about a & lsquo;War for Talent’ in Africa, as leading companies scramble to attract the best people from limited local pools. Balanced sourcing strategies have included an international component for some time now, which has fuelled an increase in providers servicing this need."

Perhaps, for a product based on returning talent from the Diaspora, the surprise is that there has been no slowdown in demand, quite the opposite in fact. Pittman identifies two factors which may be driving this.

“Of course, the employment patterns across diverse African markets are not in synch. While one country is diversifying its economy, often leading to a pattern of higher level, lower volume hiring, another is skilling up to take advantage of increased stability. This keeps the market buoyant overall. Also, the increasing appetite of large firms to get involved in Africa, and a growing private equity and start-up  scene, is continuing to push demand beyond local capability – even though the local markets are increasingly full of highly qualified people. It’s just that many more are needed.”

It is fair to say then, that the & lsquo;War for Talent’ that encouraged hiring managers to look outside their local talent pools has now been exported to the most appealing international markets, with employers flying around the world to promote their brands and opportunities to the strongest graduates and professionals. While this represents an additional challenge for HR teams, Pittman sees a significant upside for the candidate base.

“Diversification of economies is creating a greater breadth and depth of requirements across all sectors, while competition among would be employers is only ever going to create more and better opportunities for their target candidates.”

With more providers than ever surging to meet this need in the UK, differentiation is an increasing challenge for Global Career Company, yet the company’s value proposition rests on the same strengths it has for more than a decade. As a full-service recruitment consultancy, Global Career Company’s ability to source, pre-screen and shortlist transforms the event’s emphasis, from volume through the gate, to the quality of interactions between exhibiting companies and candidates.

“We describe the Summit as a way to recruit serious professionals in a serious recruiting environment. Of course the networking exchanges are exciting, but it’s the quality of the pre-screening that delivers ROI for clients and career offers for candidates. It’s why the Summit remains invitation only and why we’ll never charge the candidates to be there. We, and our attending clients, want to interview the very best.”

Global Career Company’s Careers in Africa Recruitment Summit will take place in central London in May 2014. Prospective candidates and companies interested in attending should visit for further details.


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