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Antal signs private equity deal with China-based Career International

The China branch of Antal International will keep its existing brand and independent operation.

The strategic cooperation will have a significant impact on the human resource market in China. With huge market potential and imminent radical change in the recruitment industry in China, the extensive pattern of service can no longer meet the demand of domestic clients. Western Companies in China especially foreign venture in China is further expanding emerging markets in tier 3 or 4 cities and keen to develop tailor-made, innovative business models combining best global practice with insight into the local market.

As a large number of Chinese companies are expanding into overseas markets, one-stop talent acquisition plans with a global service network and universal standard are badly needed. The win-win co-operation with Career International is Antal International’s major strategic initiative for expanding the China and Southeast Asia markets, which would greatly strengthen regional expansion, service customization, relationship’s with local clients, government relations and brand communication.

As a market leader in the global recruitment industry, Antal International, headquartered in London has a service network of 132 offices across 32 countries globally. It boasts 21 years of expertise and provides long-standing executive search services for MNCs. As early as 18 years ago, Antal International began its operation in China and assisted the entry into the Chinese market for a good number of MNCs during that period.

As a market leader in the domestic recruiting industry, Career International, which has branches and subsidiaries across 40 locations in the PRC and South East Asia. Career International boasts 18 years of business experience in local markets and has developed an in-depth understanding on the Chinese market and government relations.

“What inspires and excites me the most about this innovative and pioneering strategic partnership with China’s leading human capital organization is the potential for mutual client, candidate and staff development within China and SE Asia,” said Tony Goodwin, Chairman and Founder for Antal International.”It combines the best knowledge and experience in China, CI , with Antal’s 18 year track record in China. It also enables, facilitates and links CI China with the rest of Antal’s clients and candidates worldwide.Western business service companies and been searching for the ideal Chinese partner for years, the difference between Antal and the others is that we have found a genuinely brilliant partner to grow and develop our business with to become number 1 in the China market place and beyond.”

“This is the most exciting ASIA recruitment collaboration announcement in recent years, both companies have very strong brands in different areas of the China/ASIA recruitment markets and bring different experiences and knowledge sets. Antal globally has been built on a culture of sharing information, knowledge and experience for the benefits of our clients, candidates and colleagues, these are values and principles that are shared with our new Partner company.” Said James Darlington, Head Of Asia for Antal.

“This is an excellent opportunity to help our clients and staff move up to the next level: from good to great. As China local market has huge and diversified demands, a new wave of globalization of Chinese enterprise is coming. Our clients are looking for a solution addressing both global and local needs,” said Wallace Gao, Chairman and Founder for Career International, “By taking advantage of CI expertise knowledge about local market, our strong government relations, and our extensive network in China and South East Asia, jointly we are able to provide our clients with more valued services. I fully believe that Antal China team is able to functioning well with this strategic partnership and embrace a greater success.”


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