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Britains Institute of Recruiters (IOR) takes the Online Learning MOOC Revolution further

MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) training is aimed at unlimited participation and open access via the internet. Much of this training is delivered free.

But takes this principle and applies it to professional training, connecting business schools to businesses and learners to jobs, offering open courses and private courses that businesses or universities can run for many or a select few.

“We need a focused approach that works to support British universities, which should be the best at delivering online courses,” says Azmat Mohammed, director general of the IOR.

The new platform will offer British courses, qualifications, apprenticeships and internal business training on a global scale.Courses can be regulated (by bodies such as Ofqual) or unregulated, paid for or free, taken with or without charged-for completion certificates, allowing the training providers to benefit financially from the offer.

Mohammed added, “The MOOC revolution does not have to play out in a way that means British universities sit on platforms which they don’t influence.” This, says Mohammed, “dilutes your brand. The US platforms offering only free education are looking for revenue streams, making their next moves unpredictable.” will partner with British universities and global companies but because it’s run by a non-profit British institute-neutral platform it’s not competing with the British universities offering their courses on A $7billion FTSE100 global oil and gas company will be the first to use the platform internationally, to qualify its global recruiters to a uniform standard.’s main rival, US-based Coursera, has succeeded in raising a total of $85m in its goal to provide online complimentary university-level education. With, the IOR hopes to grab a share of the $62bn US corporate education market by linking businesses to the platform.  The accreditation option allows a company’s internal training to be used to gain qualifications for their staff, as training is mapped to learning outcomes on a managed system allowing external monitoring and assessment – its being piloted by a &pound50million British recruitment company. promotes British education and the quality mark associated with it all around the world. Mohammed says, “ will connect educators to businesses and learners to jobs but you have to remember that international students study in Britain to get access to British education and the quality that stands for globally – we want to promote brand GB and be a hub for those learners.”


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