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Bullhorn partners with Textkernel

The partnership will see Textkernel added to the Bullhorn Marketplace,  enabling recruiters to conduct international candidate searches in multiple languages.

In addition to automatically processing CV information in multiple languages, Textkernel’s integration with Bullhorn’s applicant tracking system (ATS) enables Bullhorn customers to:

?     Automatically process incoming applications in 15 languages - making the process 90 per cent faster than the manual entry of CV data.

?     Easily search multiple databases and social media with just one search query.

Textkernel is fully integrated with Bullhorn so recruiters benefit from a seamless experience and are able to conduct international candidate searches with maximum operational efficiency.

“Textkernel is happy to partner with such a strong international partner,” says Jakub Zavrel, CEO of Textkernel. “We believe we can contribute to Bullhorn’s growing presence in Europe by offering multilingual tools that enable their customers to make more effective use of the Bullhorn ATS.”

Peter Linas, international MD of Bullhorn, commented, “Textkernel is an important addition to the Bullhorn Marketplace because it gives our customers the ability to confidently extend their searches internationally. Technology that overcomes language barriers gives recruiters an extra edge in sourcing quality candidates, particularly during domestic skills shortages. As with all of our Marketplace technology, Textkernel has a proven track record and has been seamlessly integrated with our ATS platform.”


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