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Crowd Recruiting Corporation goes global with international recruiting platform

The unique HR technology organization has just announced its entry into new international recruiting markets. In addition to the United States, Crowd Recruiting Corporation now actively supports recruiting job orders from Canada, Australia, United Kingdom and across Europe, and is now equipped to pay recruiting fees in U.S. dollars, pounds, Euros, Canadian dollars and Australian dollars.

The company has created an HR technology marketplace called Crowd Recruiting that allows recruiters to use crowdsourced recruiters to fill their unfillable vacancies with much higher efficiency and lower cost. Now, with global expansion, the company expects to make a strong impact in the international job market.

The expansion into international markets of Crowd Recruiting, recently featured in the UK’s leading recruitment magazine, Recruiter, opens up the recruiting landscape to international recruiters who may not be accustomed to working across borders but now can.

"Expanding into international markets is a key strategy for Crowd Recruiting Corporation and allows us to expand our network of crowdsourced recruiters in global markets,” said Mike Achilles, CEO of Crowd Recruiting Corporation. “By doing so, we believe we’ll continue to drive down recruiting costs for our customers and ultimately fill the gap that recruiters have today in not being able to fill more of their own job orders.”

The expansion allows recruiters in the United Kingdom to work on U.S. job orders, while recruiters with unfilled job orders in Australia can seamlessly reach out to recruiters in India and pay in the currency of their choice. By going global, Crowd Recruiting Corporation provides unlimited opportunities for recruiters to work together to fill the job orders they can’t fill themselves and allows them to fill jobs more quickly without having teams of recruiters sitting idle.

Crowd Recruiting is a crowdsourced recruiting platform provided by the Crowd Recruiting Corporation, a U.S.-based private company. It is an HR technology platform that is used with existing applicant tracking systems. The crowdsourced recruiter platform provides a marketplace for recruiters to come together to fill the jobs they could not fill otherwise and to recruit on job orders they would never otherwise have access to.


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