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Ebsta launches Chrome Plugin for Jobscience

Ebsta for Jobscience is designed to allow recruiters to quickly view, edit and update existing candidate records as well as capture new information found online without switching screens.

Ebsta for Jobscience alerts users to Jobscience records while working within professional networks and online resume databases. Ebsta streamlines user activity directly into specific workflow features inside Jobscience’s leading recruitment system, including the ability to move candidates through the hiring process without leaving candidate sourcing websites.

“Since we launched Ebsta for a couple of months ago, we have been working with the Jobscience team to deliver a version of Ebsta specifically optimized for the recruitment space,” Ebsta founder and CEO, Guy Rubin. “I am sure Jobscience customers will appreciate the immediate benefits gained by using the Ebsta plugin for Jobscience from any website.”

“Recruiters and sourcers are continuously searching for employment prospects to fold into their Candidate Relationship Management efforts,” said Jobscience CEO Ted Elliott. “Ebsta for Jobscience makes the process seamless and demonstrates innovation through partnership that has resulted in a high value productivity tool to our recruiter user community.”

Pricing and Availability

Ebsta for Jobscience can be immediately downloaded as a read-only version and is free for life.  The Ebsta Pro version includes a free 2 week trial, which does not require credit card details or any further commitment. 

It takes less than a minute to download Ebsta for Jobscience within a browser and link it to a Jobscience account.  Ebsta for Jobscience can be downloaded at


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