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First Choice Software announces RDB Google Sync Plug-in

Whilst automatically syncing between RDB and Outlook has been standard functionality since its release in 2005, interest in Gmail and Google Docs for commercial use has been on the rise in the last eighteen months or so amongst the First Choice client base.

RDB ProNet isn’t reliant on Word and as such is a good partner for companies who use Google Docs.  

RDB Google Sync (RDB ProNet Google Synchronisation) is a free Plug-in that seamlessly integrates your Google account with RDB ProNet, fully synchronising your Gmail and Google calendar events.

The Plug-in is installed in seconds and, once installed, RDB Google Sync is set up in a few easy steps. The users’ emails from their Google account can be synchronised either manually or automatically depending upon their preferences. With Automatic Synchronisation all emails are imported into RDB ProNet, whilst the Manual Synchronisation option offers the user the choice to specify which emails to import.

Rules can be enforced for both Automatic and Manual Synchronisation ensuring that just the “right” e-mails are synchronised.  Extra labels are also set up within the user’s Gmail account to show the status of the synchronised items.

Google Calendar Synchronisation is just as straightforward – giving the ability to synchronise events between Google Calendar and RBD ProNet Calendars and vice versa.

Stuart Thomas, client services director at First Choice Software, stated “This new Plug-in for RDB ProNet extends the usability of our software and broadens its appeal even further. Whilst integration with Microsoft Outlook has been a de-facto offering we have now made our recruitment software available to those who may not yet have invested (or indeed want to) in a Microsoft Office product, a solution that is appealing to new start up recruitment agencies and established companies alike.”


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