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Is it time to start your own umbrella company?

The innovative new product now enables agencies to very quickly and simply establish their own umbrella provider, and so retain more of their profit while gaining better control of their business.

The imminent implementation of onshore intermediary legislation, disguised employment and pension auto enrolment are just some of the reasons why recruitment agencies should control the employment status of their workforce.

OriginemCubed is a fully supported, white label offering of Originem’s rock solid and established umbrella employment business – all boxed up and ready to go. This in the words of their first customer is: “Already saving 12% of payroll costs.”

Originem are also quick to highlight the particular advantages to agencies operating in the healthcare sector that currently have an umbrella arrangement.

They point out that, in accordance with HMRC, VAT charged to agencies by their provider can’t be passed on to the end client. And so the agency has to take the hit.

However, with OriginemCubed, agencies can re-structure to include their own umbrella provider within their business so that VAT is not applicable.

Chris Clowes, MD of Originem, said, “We can offer huge benefits in terms of cash flow and earning more from the workforce. OriginemCubed also improves working capital and eliminates the need for invoice discounting.

“Previously starting a privately owned, small scale umbrella company was neither simple nor economical. But this is all now different with our off the shelf product. From the agencies perspective they benefit from all of our experience with a ready-to-go product that has the full back-up of our experienced and dedicated team.

“We can have a new, own branded product up and running for an agency with a dedicated website within the month. No new premises will be required and the agency will see immediate improvements to their bottom line.”

“We offer a free and confidential payroll analysis to demonstrate the advantages to be had. And the best thing is that the larger the workforce, the more the agency will earn.”



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