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ManpowerGroup advises employers to diversify work models to enhance organisational agility

Today, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported the January jobless rate was 6.6 percent and 113,000 jobs were added across all industries. Hiring increased in construction, manufacturing, wholesale trade and mining.

"Business leaders can't use one work model and expect to be successful in an uncertain environment that demands speed and flexibility," said Jeffrey A. Joerres, ManpowerGroup Chairman and CEO. "Talent strategies need to be built around multiple work models that function as pipes, some larger or smaller, depending on variables like the timing, type of work or region. If companies aren't tapping into a variety of models, from classic teams, to contractors, to crowdsourcing, they won't have the ability to use that model when they realize they need it."

ManpowerGroup's 2014 Organizational Agility Survey of more than 18,000 employers in 42 countries and territories shows that most organizations have demonstrated a commitment to becoming more agile over the past 12 months, but barriers to agility are frequently cited, including: speed of decision making, employee commitment, leadership focus, technological capabilities and workforce capabilities.

"Leaders must constantly challenge themselves to consider how business operations can be carried out simpler, faster and more efficiently," added Joerres. "Understanding how to unleash human potential and being thoughtful about using different work models in the face of fluctuating demand is key to driving faster time-to-value and winning in the Human Age."


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