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Morgan Hunt: New growth in finance jobs,

Firms will need to take a closer look at how they are hiring says Morgan Hunt

“After five years of deep recession - the UK economy is growing and firms need to take a closer look at how they are hiring because without planning for talent when employment conditions change they risk being left behind in the skills chase” says Paul Thomas, director at Morgan Hunt.

One of the problems in relying on economic growth numbers to come out is that they are always after the event has happened. Delayed reaction could see the company’s growth plans stifled simply because the skills are not in place.

Employers are now facing a skills shortage across many accountancy divisions. They are also retaining their exacting standards when hiring - unfortunately this bottle neck will grow. Despite the optimism of employers, accountancy candidate confidence and their attitude to risk is stalling the flow of finance talent coming onto the market. In other words candidates are staying put.

A return to a candidate led market will mean rising pressure on salaries, golden hellos, generous share options and improved benefits to attract the best finance candidates. A change in recruitment methods will be required when finance candidates are in short supply.

“The art of recruiting often lies in identifying the underlying skills of a finance candidate. Being too focused on trying to find an exact match in keywords, phrases and sound bites does not necessarily yield the best person” says Thomas.

The recent appointment of Sir Stuart Rose, former Marks & Spencer’s boss to advise the NHS on how to improve management is a case in point. Sir Stuart’s skills have been proven to be able to spot the issues in large complex organisations – a precise match for the problem at hand.

Morgan Hunt offer consultative finance recruitment services to public and private sector clients.


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