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Norrie Johnston Recruitment unveils new service to boost UK sales teams

Through a special joint initiative with SalesMatch – which is an online profiling tool for sales personnel – NJR now offers companies which are looking to improve their business development, an in-depth review of their existing sales teams. The service includes the profiling individuals and an assessment of any performance gaps. NJR’s expert senior recruiters then plug the gaps identified by SalesMatch, again using the tool as part of the candidate profiling process.

This service is headed by SalesMatch co-founder, Phil Hagen, who has just joined NJR as sales director. Hagen is ideally placed to help organisations tackle their sales challenges. He spent many years as a director-level interim executive, working with major blue-chips and start-ups on their sales and business development. He was an interim CEO for the Amcat Group and completed sales-related assignments with NTL and British Energy.  On one interim placement with a regional telecom company, Hagen’s growth strategy resulted in a turnover growth of 35%. In another interim role he re-organised a company’s 250 sales employees and &pound150 million of client accounts, giving the organisation a much sharper sales focus. His track record in permanent roles is equally strong a senior executive at Cable & Wireless plc for 11 years Hagen achieved the CEO award in 1998 for exceptional services to the company.

Commenting on his appointment, Phil Hagen said, “I can’t think of a single company that wouldn’t like to boost its sales performance. So it is going to be tremendously exciting to go out into the market place with the combined offering of NJR’s recruitment capability and the SalesMatch tool.”

Targeted at the sales profession, SalesMatch identifies issues of performance, training and management in existing sales forces. It also highlights candidates at the interview stage that are most likely to succeed in any given sales role - for instance flagging up whether a prospective employee is a & lsquo;Hunter’ or & lsquo;Farmer.’ This ability to properly identify sales traits reduces sales force turnover by eliminating candidates that are less likely to succeed.

SalesMatch can also be used by companies to benchmark existing personnel and identify weaknesses and gaps. The profiling also helps companies understand what makes individual sales personnel tick – so that they can be better managed and motivated.

Norrie Johnston, founder of Norrie Johnston Recruitment, added, “We have always said that NJR is all about combining the best of breed recruiters with smart technology. The appointment of Phil Hagen to our team, and our use of SalesMatch, vividly demonstrates this fact. Drawing on Phil’s tremendous experience we can asses a company’s specific sales challenge, scientifically help them identify their weak spots and then find senior candidates, with exactly the right mix of characteristics and qualities.”


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