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PPDG partners with Tinder Foundation to equipt jobseekers with digital skills

The Award is 'Entry Level 3' and that's worth 1 credit on the national Qualifications and Credit Framework [QCF]. The award recognises new critical skills for work such as using email, searching the internet and using the internet safely.

Since the partnership started in October 2013, more than 1000 jobseekers have already received vital help with digital skills. PPDG is aiming for a 93 per cent pass rate from all its clients enrolling into the programme.  

Completion of the learning content and 1-hour online assessment by PPDG’s clients takes place in 40 nationwide locations [PPDG Advancement Centres]. The learning can also be completed in a more familiar setting using Tinder Foundation’s Learn My Way, a Massive Open Online Course [MOOC]. Learners can try the online course at home, work their way through with a friend or family member, or go to their local UK online centre for some friendly help and guidance. Learn My Way is also optimised for use on a mobile device helping to make it accessible to learners.

Since 2010, over 1 million new people have got online in the UK using Learn My Way, with many of them progressing on to employment or further learning.

Helen Milner, chief executive, Tinder Foundation says, "This is often the first qualification many learners have ever completed. It gives them a sense of achievement and the confidence to tackle more formal learning and qualifications. It’s the first, easy-to-reach step on a ladder that can lead them anywhere. It also looks great on CVs – helping to plug the gaps long-term unemployment can leave, and assuring employers of essential computer skills."

Paul Levesley, online learning moderator at Pertemps People Development Group, said, “With 25 per cent of all jobs advertised solely online, the introduction of Universal Job Match and 72 per cent employers saying they wouldn’t even talk to someone without basic IT skills, it’s clear that those without IT skills are disadvantaged in the jobs market. We’re offering extra value to our clients – giving them basic IT skills such as turning on a computer, using a keyboard and showing them how to interact online. We want to help as many of our clients as possible. Our relationship with Tinder Foundation stretches back 4 years and I hope, through this rolling welfare-to-work programme, it will continue into the future.” 


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