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Recruit Ventures secure another team

The newest initiative sees Wellingborough based topTEAM open their doors for business and they really do mean business. Speaking this week, founder and Managing Director of top TEAM, Marshall Rayner was clear about the company’s direction. & lsquo;We see our business as delivering a really professional approach with a personal touch’, he said. & lsquo;Honesty, transparency and experience are values we believe in, but first and foremost we recognise that our business is about people. Candidates and employers alike are people first, and we are seeking to understand their needs and requirements so that we can deliver real value’.

David Simons, managing director of Recruit Ventures, expressed his enthusiasm for the new team. & lsquo;Marshall has a real vision for his new business in today’s market. They are all about going that extra mile for both the candidate and the employer. They’re flexible, committed and they invest time in getting to know people. We’re thrilled to be working with them’.

Marshall Rayner has a creditable record in the industry, working with national brands, and delivering real growth. That’s something he’s keeping on the agenda.

& lsquo;Of course we plan to develop and grow. We’re already considering new branches. But, right now, our goal is to provide an outstanding service from Wellingborough. We know the area, we’re in tune with the heartbeat of local business’.

The Agency is particularly experienced in the driving and transport sectors, but will be working in all areas eventually which will include Catering for permanent and part time vacancies.

& lsquo;We’re confident we can steer people to the right jobs’, says Marshall, & lsquo;because we get to know them. We see people first!’ 


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