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RSA recognises Rare Diseases Day as new medicines give hope to patients

Rare Disease Day is an annual event which provides the rare disease community across the world the opportunity to increase awareness of rare diseases and highlight them as a public health priority to government and health departments.

Recently returned from the annual JP Morgan Healthcare Conference, Nick Stephens, Executive Chairman of RSA says, “At the annual JP Morgan Conference in January there was a flood of new IPO’s, and a whole raft of new medicines coming through to treat diseases that previously didn’t have cures. However, more importantly, I noticed the fruits of the genetic revolution that happened 20 years ago, years of stem cell research and gene therapy coming to the forefront and enabling patients who were previously untreatable to have hope again.

“Rare Disease Day is not just a day. It’ about recognizing that real science is making real medicines that are important to real patients. It’s all about extending life expectancy and this is good for investors, but most importantly it is great for patients. There has never been a more motivational time to work in this ever life-changing industry.”


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