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Sonru publishes mobile research

The white paper presents global research findings on three distinct areas of mobile recruitment: devices used by job seekers attitudes towards mobile-optimised websites and attitudes towards mobile-enabled recruitment processes.  Feedback from Sonru Clients and Candidates relating to their usage of Sonru's mobile solutions are also outlined.

According to Cisco: "by 2016 the number of mobile devices is expected to surpass the world’s population and mobile network connections speeds are expected to increase ninefold."

The proliferation of mobile devices and usage among job seekers means that companies can no longer afford to ignore the M word in their recruiting efforts.

Research Highlights

•             Devices used by Job Seekers. Over 70% of job seekers use mobile devices to browse career opportunities online yet 87% of talent acquisition professionals don’t think their companies are investing adequately in mobile.

•             Attitudes towards Mobile-optimised websites. 84% of job seekers think job organisations should have mobile-friendly sites yet 70% of Fortune 100 companies do not have career pages optimised for mobile devices. Sonru respondents too recorded negative feelings towards hiring companies that do not optimise their sites for mobile devices when browsing for career opportunities using words such as “irritating”, “frustrating” and “not embracing modern technology” making them “reluctant” as the process “becomes very time consuming and inconvenient.”

•             Attitudes towards Mobile-enabled Recruitment Processes. Only about 2% of Fortune 500 companies tailor job applications for mobile users despite the fact that 86% of job seekers say they would apply for jobs directly from their mobile device if there was an easier way.

•             Mobile Recruiting with Sonru. Excellent response from both Client and Candidates to Sonru's Apps with 94% of respondents finding the Sonru Record App easy or very easy to use.


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