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SSG confirms it launched 35 recruitment ventures in 2013

Since 2003, SSG has launched over 150 recruitment businesses and is now the recognised leader in the growing recruitment business Incubation market place. Group revenues topped &pound12m in 2013 and SSG enjoyed a tenth year of growing profits, but owner David Jones remains seemingly unimpressed by the numbers.

& lsquo;It’s great to make more money each year of course, but honestly we really don’t focus too much on that – we just get on with it, try to be good at what we do and thank our lucky stars that the recruiters we support are so good!’ he said & lsquo;Our success is mostly a reflection of the quality of the guys we support."

SSG’s business model provides a free business launch service to experienced recruiters and comprehensive on-going support in exchange for a descending percentage of the revenues of the new recruitment business. SSG support both Temp & Perm based ventures throughout the UK.



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