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Temp Holdings hitting big numbers

President Masamichi Mizuta reported the operating results as follows. "Japan's economy in the nine months ended December 31, 2010 is known through the various so-called economic policies of the Abe administration as " Abenomikusu ". This has seen an improvement in corporate earnings with a focus on larger companies resulting in  a gradual recovery as a whole . Employment -related indicators such as the unemployment rate and the ratio of job offers shows a trend toward improvement across the board.  Due to the economic expansion the Group witnessed increased inquiries related to human resources from our corporate customers these continued to increase steadily and is getting stronger so we remained in expansion mode as a whole.

"Under these circumstances and anticipating the future economic environment, considering our service line up both domestic and international I plan to expand our service delivery toward strengthening job seekers and client companies.

"As part of this growth strategy in accordance with , and aim to " create new sourcing platform " as well as the expansion of business portfolio we created a subsidiary and acquired the shares of Holdings Co., Ltd. intelligence at 26 date in April 2013.”




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