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UK recruiters beat weather chaos with video technology

Britain's weather chaos will not only cost the recruitment industry millions of pounds, but there will also be a vast amount of missed opportunities within traditional recruitment methods as people have been unable to travel to and from interviews.

“Recruiters in the past have relied far too much on the traditional recruitment methods” said M&aringns G&aringrdfeldt, Managing Director of video interviewing platform PowerMeeter, “people have been talking about flexible working for years, but it’s only recently that companies are considering & lsquo;flexible interviewing’, enabling them to save both time and money and find suitable candidates in a far more efficient way”

With last week’s tube strike in London and with this week’s flooding, PowerMeeter has received a 15% increase in enquiry levels from a variety of companies. “This is extremely encouraging evidence that UK employers are taking advantage of technology that is now becoming mainstream in North America” says G&aringrdfeldt.

With webcams now being standard on all laptops and smart phones, the vast majority of UK population is both able and comfortable communicating by video. Supported by new video interviewing technology, employers and recruiters are beginning to take advantage of this trend.

The applications for Video Interviewing are much broader than just overcoming the recent travel issues, “Many of our clients get CV’s from all over the world and it’s important that the right people are brought in for face-to-face interviews, this is now possible as they’re able to kick off the interview process regardless of geography and timing in a cost effective way” says G&aringrdfeldt.

American companies have been using video interviewing for some time now, although 2014 now looks set to be the year that European companies discover Video Interviewing and rediscover the people behind the CV’s, especially if the weather chaos continues.


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