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Uniting Ambition talks rebranding

Now rebranded as Uniting Ambition, the Specialist Recruitment firm has built a business based on the core cultural traits which add the most value to their customers.

Mark Kirkbride, commercial and marketing director at Uniting Ambition, says, “Our customers are all privately owned or capital invested. They are some of the UKs most recognised brands and the brands of the future. We spent twelve months with our customers identifying the values, which they sought most from a recruitment relationship.

"We also looked internally at the cultural traits which flourish well within our business and in turn add most value to our customers.”

"Those shared values are: & lsquo;Ownership, accountability, creativity and most importantly ambition."

Uniting Ambition set out on building a high performance culture based on the very best customer experience, directly linked to the ambition of their customers.

Adam Shaw, managing director at Uniting Ambition, comments, “Ambition is key to the growth of our customers and our own business. Ambition is relentless it’s about always striving for the very best. But ambition alone alone does not take our customers or our own business to the next level. Businesses thrive with the right talent, talent that shares in the ambition of the business, talent with the right skills and shared cultural values.

 “Hiring on culture and shared ambition is fundamentally the key to our success. It’s our investment in hiring the right cultural fit for our customers not only the skill-sets, which fuels our growth and in turn the growth of our customers.”

There are thousands of people with the ability to do a job but finding that talent who longs to take ownership and become accountable is the delicate part. Skill-set and experience are necessary up to a point, but the ambition and mind-set of an individual is indispensable. It’s down to the business to facilitate and develop these ambitions.

 From the leadership team through to every new hire, employees at Uniting Ambition are encouraged to share and promote the values paramount to their culture.

 Howard Murfin, director of customer engagement, says, “Our customers wanted to build a relationship based on a deeper understanding of their core business ambitions. Equipped with this knowledge we are able to be creative in our services, solve problems and take ownership with real accountability.

"The ambition for our customers is to grow their business by uniting them with the best talent. Talent with the right skills, shared cultural values and shared ambitions. The brand Uniting Ambition embodies everything we do.”

Uniting Ambition’s commitment to building their own business based on the right cultural attributes has fuelled growth by 73% year on year. They are recognised, two years in succession, by The Times and Virgin Fast Track Top 100.

With new offices recently opened in Birmingham and Manchester, and offices in Leeds and London to shortly follow, their relentless ambition to maximise value for their customers is firmly under the brand & lsquo;Uniting Ambition’.

Adam Wagster, Director at Uniting Ambition, comments, “We’re incredibly excited about our growth and expansion. The new brand resonates with our customers’ values on a daily basis. We have a culture brimming with opportunity where Consultants can thrive and develop their careers.

“There are no disengaged cogs in a unified workforce, each employee is connected and all play a vital role which fuels the core values of the business. By making every individual accountable you see pride, belief and creativity begin to flourish. Uniting Ambition as a brand is everything we stand for.”

Uniting Ambition helps build some of the UK’s leading high performance brands. Their customers include Virgin Money, Just-Eat, Selfridges, Phones 4U and Secret Escapes.







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