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blur brings s-commerce to Video and HR sectors

The move will see services commerce provide significantly more choice and efficiency in areas currently dominated by large service providers.

Video Services will launch for both buyers and sellers when the new platform upgrade blur 4.0 goes live in April, building on the success of video projects already available via blur’s Design and Marketing categories.  

blur Group expects to see a huge range of projects submitted following the launch, including broadcast production and TV advertisements - the last great bastion of the global ad agencies - and content videos designed to court the modern consumer.

Meanwhile, HR Services will offer three main project types: Executive Search and Selection Training and Development and Benefits and Remuneration planning. The former in particular will allow companies to brief outside of traditional headhunters - a more competitive process that opens up a long tail of providers. HR experts can start to sign up with the launch of 4.0 and it will be open for projects later in the year.  

Further, it will allow Chief People Officers to join the growing ranks of C-level executives adopting s-commerce, and provides opportunities for a new set of expert service providers hoping to join the nearly 40,000 already using the Global Services Exchange, following blur’s success in marketing, creative, technology and professional services.

With the Video Services category globally forecast to be worth $12bn for video ad spend alone and HR Services $53.4bn in 2017, these two categories provide additional market share for  s-commerce from the $2tn global services market, following blur’s success in marketing, creative, technology and professional services.

Philip Letts, blur Group CEO, said:

“Video has always been a popular project on the Exchange driven by an incredible array of expert providers around the globe who are able to be more competitive by working directly through the platform. However we recognized that these providers could deliver on the full gamut of production and further disrupt the older-style network agencies.

“We saw a similar opportunity for disruption with HR Services: a huge potential market with many companies looking for outside expertise and support. And for expert search and selection, it’s another segment that has been characterized by a small number of very large providers, whereas better expertise often exists outside this. So we look forward to seeing those large providers join the Exchange and compete on a level playing field for new business.” 


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