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Cause or career Morgan Hunt gets behind the careers of fundraisers

In Morgan Hunt’s experience many fundraisers do not change their cause for more pay or career development with the cause often greater than the rewards.

Many charities rely on the goodwill, values and experiences that lie at the core of their fundraiser people who have joined them from different backgrounds, who embrace a cause that envelopes their very wellbeing.

 “We decided to poll our fundraisers to find out whether they would sacrifice their cause for greater rewards and no one from the group said that they would” says Michele Smith, director of Morgan Hunt’s fundraising & charity sector.

Ironically this skews the normal characteristics of supply and demand which sets pricing. High demand and low supply drives up cost in the world of business economics and this kind of market & lsquo;disruption’ impacts on what fundraisers are paid and how they are rewarded.

“Fundraisers did say that they would move jobs for career development.  Experienced Fundraisers are in high demand, yet tempting them away from a charity of a different cause is a tall order” says Smith. 

While charities get bad press for souring remuneration, fundraisers’ commitment to their cause keeps the lid on salaries and charities’ overheads lower.


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