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Expectations! recruitment announce 'Temp of the year'

Bruce Allen, HETAS Ltd. CEO and Abi Howell, Expectations! Cheltenham branch manager surprised Victoria with a bouquet of flowers, certificate and an engraved compact mirror.

Gloucestershire based recruitment consultancy, Expectations! has awarded the 2013 & lsquo;Temp of the year’ to Victoria Williams from HETAS Ltd. Bruce Allen, HETAS Ltd. CEO and Abi Howell, Expectations! Cheltenham branch manager surprised Victoria with a bouquet of flowers, certificate and an engraved compact mirror.

Victoria Williams joined HETAS as a temp last summer, where she was awarded & lsquo;Temp of the month’ in July she was then taken on as a full time employee in November due to her unbelievable passion and hard work at the company. When Victoria approached Expectations! about finding a position, she was working as a veterinary nurse and was looking for a change in career Expectations! interviewed her and assessed her interests and individual skill set, before putting her forward for the temporary role at HETAS. In this role, she has exceeded expectations with an extremely high success rate within her role.

Expectations! gave HETAS the chance to put an employee forward for & lsquo;Temp of the Year’ and instantly they knew it had to be Victoria. Tina Seymour, head of registration at HETAS gushed about her as she said “As soon as I met Vicky, I knew instantly there was something special about her, she is a sweet and humble person. Skills can be taught but personalities are what are important to us as an organisation, she is an absolute diamond.”

Victoria was absolutely overwhelmed when she was surprised in the office, welling up with tears. When asked how she felt about winning & lsquo;Temp of the Year’ and working for HETAS she said “I am completely shocked, I really wasn’t expecting this, it’s amazing! It is so nice to work for a company that really cares about all the employees and everyone we work with. I wake up in the morning and I am excited to go to work, I am so grateful that I found Expectations! and they found me HETAS. As soon as I walked through the door as a temp it was a lovely atmosphere and everybody accepted me. As a temp I kept wishing that I could work for HETAS full time and my dream came true! I really do enjoy every aspect of my job and being awarded this title is fantastic!”

Bruce Allen, HETAS CEO shared his joy for Vicky and said how delighted he is that Vicky came to HETAS. He said “Part of the company’s success is thanks to Expectations! they understand the company and who would be perfect. They look past the CV and focus on the person which is so important to us it is such a nice place to work thanks to my employees in making sure we have the right environment for people to be happy.”

The award celebrates the year-round hard work and dedication of the team of temporary candidates from Expectations! Recruitment Services. The employer for each & lsquo;Temp of the Month’ winner is invited by Expectations! to submit a nomination for & lsquo;Temp of the Year’, to acknowledge the excellent work of one exceptional individual.

Expectations! Recruitment Services has presented this award for the past three years to acknowledge its hardest working temporaries as it continues to encourage employment in Gloucestershire. Abi Howell, Expectations! described this as being one of her favourite success stories as she said “At Expectations! we look at the character and skill set we never judge somebody by their CV. We meet everyone face to face to get an idea what they are like. Victoria is such a genuinely lovely and infectious person, this award is well deserved.”


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