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Goodman Massons employee engagement programme is trademarked

This conviction resulted in the creation of 'The Experience' which today becomes a registered trademark and is formal recognition of the distinctiveness and uniqueness of Guy’s employee engagement philosophy. The phrase & lsquo;There is more to life than work’ which lies at the heart of Goodman Masson has also today become a registered trademark.

& lsquo;The Experience is about placing our people at the centre of our growth agenda and creating an employee experience that people want to be part of and don’t want to leave’ says Guy, and he means it. Their employees are given the infrastructure and tools to professionally develop and a working environment that they want to be part of. Language lessons to yoga classes, mortgage funds to car loans, beauty treatments to a masseuse all fit into their approach to health and wellbeing. The 3:30 Friday finish also helps balancing their lifestyle.

And it works...the correlation between The Experience and their incredibly low attrition rates has made Goodman Masson the largest and most successful that they have ever been.


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