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Mitsui acquires US Healthcare Staffing Company

Delta is a US healthcare staffing company operating temporary and permanent staffing of healthcare providers, such as physicians and therapists. Mitsui and the founding members of Delta reached an agreement to purchase all shares of Delta, with Mitsui becoming 100% owner.

The increase of the aging populations in developed countries, the economic growth of the middle class - primarily in the US and emerging markets, and the breakthroughs in medical technology, have concurrently increased the global demand for healthcare providers and the ability to mobilize English-speaking human capital which is why Mitsui decided to acquire Delta.

Delta, based in Dallas, Texas, provides temporary and permanent healthcare staffing services for US healthcare facilities. Delta's network of high quality healthcare providers and its speed and responsiveness in delivering premium services to healthcare institutions has allowed Delta to be highly regarded in the industry by both healthcare providers and institutions.

Mitsui has operated corporate high-value-added outsourcing services, including food service, uniform rental service, and facility management for many years, and has sharply expanded its service business, especially in the healthcare market. Mitsui will focus on the global staffing and education businesses which will contribute to sustainable economic expansion and increasing productivity by resolving the supply and demand mismatch and workforce skills gap issue.

Mitsui envisions Delta as the platform for their healthcare human capital initiative in the US, and is aiming to further expand this business. Mitsui will leverage Delta's network of healthcare institutions and providers, in order to create new businesses that will facilitate cross-border mobility and promote continuing education needs of people.


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