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New Bullhorn ATS/CRM enables 60% faster searches & up to 43% more placements

Bullhorn S Release is available now for new customers and Bullhorn users. It is also the combined upgrade path for Bullhorn’s MaxHire and Sendouts ATS products.

S Release is:

&middot         Three Times Faster – Recruiting agencies move faster than ever before with S Release’s streamlined interface and more responsive infrastructure.

&middot         True Cloud Freedom – S Release is available however, whenever, wherever the user wants it. It works on any modern Internet browser (including Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer), on Macs or PCs, and on mobile devices using Bullhorn Mobile. S Release can expand infinitely to meet the needs of recruiting agencies.

&middot         Powerful Simplicity – With 40% fewer clicks, S Release accelerates the learning curve for new employees and streamlines everyday use so that staff use the software more extensively and effectively. Data from beta users shows an average of 50% more recorded activity and up to a 43% increase in recorded placements in the first month of adoption.

“S Release is very intuitive, productive, seamless, easy-to-use, easy-to-navigate, quick, efficient, and strategic,” said Daniel Guelzo, director of talent development for recruiting firm Optomi. Guelzo, who beta tested the product, has since moved his entire agency onto S Release.

S Release is focused on speed, power, and ease of use for customers. Every screen in the Bullhorn ATS loads faster than competitor ATS systems and faster than previous versions of Bullhorn, enabling users to narrow a candidate search from thousands of hits to the right people in seconds. Users can also instantly preview each record on the same screen thanks to Bullhorn’s time-saving Slideout feature, helping them submit candidates before recruiters who don’t use Bullhorn can even narrow the pool.

“Searches are instantaneous – and you can refine your search quickly to narrow down from 1500 hits to a manageable number of candidates,” said Meagan Lang, an IT recruiter at elev8 who beta tested S Release. Neil Clements, head of technical recruitment at UK-based Red Sofa, added his experience: “S Release is fully Mac-compatible, running on Chrome, and it works like a dream.”

In addition to streamlining user interaction, S Release also involves radical infrastructure changes to speed up how the software responds to users:

Users can search 100 million candidate records in less than half a second.

96% of all requestscomplete in less than one second.

Lists and searches return results 60% faster than before.

S Release performs three timesfaster in modern browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Firefox.

“I’ve never been prouder of any product we’ve built,” said Art Papas, founder and CEO of Bullhorn. “It’s the fastest, most sophisticated end-to-end recruiting software solution on the market. S Release is about our customers’ speed, their performance, and their success.”

The joint Bullhorn, MaxHire, and Sendouts product teams combined the best features of all three ATS products to help create S Release. MaxHire and Sendouts customers can upgrade to S Release at their convenience by contacting their account manager.

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