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New recruitment company to launch this month

The company stated, "We have no minimum time requirement so if you only have one hour spare a day, then why not get paid for it.  Liverpool and Leeds are our selected launch areas and our aim is to provide local, relevant jobs for everyone who wants to carry out temporary work in these areas."

"For employers, we aim to beat the current market rate and provide great workers at a very low cost based on volume and minimising the resource intensive elements of recruitment.  As well as the test areas we are also looking to launch in the retail sector across the UK. 

"The temporary employment market in the UK is one that is often both under-estimated and under-valued.  According to government figures there are around 7m people in the country who work in temporary jobs.  Of these over 5m don’t want a full-time job as it doesn’t suit their lifestyle.  This obviously includes people who work in contract roles but it also covers a variety of groups such as students, returning mums, the recently or early retired, people who want to top up their current income with additional work and many more. 

"At Red WigWam, our belief is that this group of people are not treated well by traditional recruiters.  They are seen as less important than full-time employees as they fees the agencies can generate are not as high.  Red WigWamis aiming to change this.  The service we provide is only for temporary workers.  We will match each individual to the role that best suits them – based on the time they have available, their location and the type of individual they are and the work they enjoy.  There is a great deal of demand for temporary work and employers see the benefits of skilled employees who are not employed on a full-time basis.  Often there are more roles than people to fill them."




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