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Public slurs could worsen teacher shortages, warns education recruitment specialist

That's the view of specialist education recruitment company TLTP Education (The London Teaching Pool), which says that politically-motivated attempts to discredit teachers could have unforeseen consequences.

"Whether you agree with them or not there is no doubt that teachers feel genuinely concerned and aggrieved at the impact that new policies are having on them and the profession," explains Darryl Mydat. 

"We hear all the time a sense of desperation that nobody will properly consult with them or genuinely listen to their concerns. They feel demoralised and worn down."

Mydat says that, with TLTP's own research already showing that more than 90% of teachers believe their job has been made harder in the past twelve months, whilst nearly 80% are either unsure or would definitely not recommend teaching as a career to family members or friends, constant public attacks on teachers through the media could have a long term negative impact.

With an estimated three quarters of local education authorities in England experiencing a teacher shortage, with some close to crisis levels, Mydat says that demonising teachers is only going to make that shortage worse.

 "We have people asking us why they should consider a profession where stress levels are already among the highest of any profession in the UK especially if they are going to be a subject of attack through the media as well," adds Mydat.

“At some point government has to see that there is a longer term negative impact in trying to beat the profession into submission. You have to combine the drive to improve standards of education, which everyone would support, with a more hands-on level of support and understanding for the needs of teachers to achieve balance in their working lives."


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