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Randstad presents top 5 nominees for the Global Randstad Award 2014

The winners (Gold, Silver and Bronze) will be announced on May 7, 2014. The Randstad Award survey is conducted by research partner ICMA in 23 countries, covering 75% of the global economy, collecting input from close to 200,000 respondents.

The local Randstad Awards have been handed out to the most attractive employers in the participating countries for the past 14 years. Winning companies are those that are selected by the respondents as their most preferable potential employer. In 2014 we introduce the Global Randstad Award for the very first time, providing a whole new dimension to the survey results. Not only does the outcome of the survey provide insights into the employer branding of companies within a specific geography, we now also see which companies are perceived to be the most attractive global employers.

At present, 23 countries are taking part in the Randstad Award Survey in Europe, Asia Pacific and the Americas. The 150 largest companies in each of those countries are contenders for the local Randstad Award. The winner of the Global Randstad Award is elected from a list of the top 50 largest companies based on a set of objective criteria:

&middot    largest numbers of employees
&middot    corporate/profit (governmental organizations are excluded)
&middot    operating in at least 25 countries
&middot    same company name in all countries
&middot     min. 30% of employees outside the home country


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