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Amadeus FiRe announce an increase of over 13% in Q1 YOY revenue

After the first three months of the business year, gross profit of the Amadeus FiRe Group amounted to EUR 15,457k after EUR 13,151k in prior year’s period. The gross profit margin was 41.3% (prior year: 39.8%). Primarily the gross profit margin improvement derives from the additional chargeable day as well as a recovered level of sickness absence among temporary staff in contrast to the first quarter of 2013. At that time, the utilisation suffered from an extraordinary high sickness level. Only in the area of training and education the gross profit margin decreased due to lower attendance of established courses.

In the first quarter selling and administrativeexpenses amounted to EUR 10,322k after EUR 9,127k recorded last year. The increase of 13.1%is mainly due to higher expenses for salaries, bonus payments and internal training.

The operating profit (EBITA) was EUR 5,142k (prior year: EUR 4,058k), an increase of EUR 1,084k (26.7%). After three months the EBITA margin improved by 1.5 percentage points to 13.8% (prior year: 12.3%).

The Management Board maintains the expectations that sales will exceed EUR 150m and earnings will increase in the current financial year again. The expectations are based on the current order situation and an ongoing process of increasing the productivity, while macroeconomic factors develop as assumed.

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