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Belgium government has taken compensatory measures, says Federgon

As part of the harmonization of the status of workers and employees, the government has taken a number of compensatory measures. These measures should allow the sectors that employ many workers to compensate for the additional costs resulting from the elimination of waiting day and longer notice periods. This additional cost is approximately 1% for securities business - services.

One of the measures taken by the government to offset this extra cost is an adaptation of fees for medical services. It is clear that compensatory measures should reduce the labour costs , but here the measure bears a charge of 0.40% of wage costs in the securities business - services. Federgon for the federation service HR is among other securities business - services , this is an unacceptable decision.

Currently , there are two prices for medical services , a rate for areas at high risk , which applies to most workers, and pricing information for areas with limited risk. Compensatory measure provides for a reduction of the tariff ' high risk ', but an increase for workers with low risk areas . Consequence in the securities industry , where price - services ' limited risk ' applies , the wage cost is seen to hit a mark of not less than 0.40%. It is incomprehensible. The securities industry , services , and a number of other sectors do not benefit from compensation but must face a further increase in labor costs.

"It is incomprehensible that a countervailable strike wage costs rather than reduce ," says Herwig Muyldermans , CEO of Federgon . "The industry therefore urges that the decision be adapted to effectively reduce the labor costs and so that all sectors can benefit from countervailable ."

Federgon also emphasizes the fact that the profitability of the sector is already heavily under pressure, as the recent study by IDEA Consult at the request of the Ministry of Employment study shows . " This measure, which increases costs will completely undermine the profitability of the sector," said Herwig Muyldermans yet .


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