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Demand for graphic design jobs soars In Q1 says Bubble Jobs

The jobs board, which specialises in advertising roles in the digital industry, found that over 20 per cent of job seekers who opened an account in the first quarter of 2014 chose graphic design as their top area of expertise.

The results follow a survey carried out by Bubble Jobs earlier this year in Manchester which showed that North West students and graduates preferred a career in web and graphic design above all others.

The figures will come as welcome news to many in the digital industry as demand for talented digital and graphic designers continues to increase.

Last year, Bubble Jobs advertised just fewer than 5000 graphic and digital design jobs - representing around 10 per cent of the total posted on the site in 2013.

Bubble Jobs MD Adam Butwilowski said, “These stats prove that there’s so much more to the digital industry than IT and techy roles – there’s a creative side too.

“It’s great to see job seekers embracing their creativity and putting it to use in one of the fastest growing industries in the country.

“Although the UK is experiencing a digital skills shortage across the industry as a whole, it’s safe to say that graphic design vacancies are certainly bucking that trend at the moment.”

Other popular digital career choices this year include Online and Digital Marketing - with eight per cent of job seekers choosing that option - and Account Management which was chosen by nine per cent of the digital job seekers who signed up to the site in Q1.   

Adam added: “It’s very interesting that many of our 2014 registrants on the Bubble Jobs site chose Account Management as a career option.

“It seems that candidates are very interested in agency work, and given the amount of agencies popping up across the country, this can only be a good thing.”

This news comes a week after Tech City UK Chairman Joanna Shields predicted that the UK can become the world’s digital capital “if tech skills are fostered worldwide”.

She said: “We must continue to inspire the next generation, emphasising that digital skills are the currency of tomorrow.”

Joanna’s view is fully supported by Bubble Jobs, as proven by their collaboration with the European Commission’s Grand Coalition for Digital Jobs.

As part of Bubble Jobs’ pledge, the jobs board has vowed to help raise awareness of digital opportunities and apprenticeships to young people over the course of the next 18 months.

One part of the pledge involves holding workshop events with university career advisors, with the aim of educating, raising and improving career advisors’ awareness and knowledge of the digital industry, along with the jobs that go with it.



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