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FCSA discusses the need for specialist support in the field of temporary worker engagement

The FCSA has been a long term advocate of evidential based compliance underpinned by transparency for all parties in the supply chain. This week’s focus on the use of “expense” schemes albeit from a historical standpoint, requires further understanding.

The employment law and employment status burden firmly rests with FCSA members providing professional services in this space. There is a clear set of best practice principles that in many cases exceed HMRC policy requirements in terms of rigour and audit. Recruitment Businesses engaged with FCSA members have far more risk mitigation than those seeking to operate around the margin of compliant activity.

Truly employing a worker and evidencing the actual relationship in practice is at the heart of the FCSA professional employment code. This not only creates a high level of risk mitigation for the supply chain but also affords protection to the worker. This is a complex area and FCSA firmly believe that this is a classic case of playing to strengths.

FCSA CEO Julia Kermode commented, “Recruitment businesses can be assured that FCSA members in this area are not only vastly experienced in this field but that the best practice and evidence generated through operating at the very highest levels of compliance, is a long term value enhancement for everyone involved.  I would also urge Recruiters to follow some of their peers lead by engaging with FCSA on an Approved Supplier basis. Partnerships that focus on key strengths are safer, more robust and provide workers, Recruitment Businesses, End Clients and professional providers with clarity on roles and responsibilities. FCSA members already provide solutions to these complex challenges and have been doing so with compliance at the core for many years.”


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