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General Employment Enterprises forms Advisory Committee & names Harry Newton its first member

Andrew Norstrud, chief executive officer of General Employment Enterprises, commented, "Given current plans for expansion and our estimated growth trajectory over the next several quarters, it was crucial to augment and diversify the expertise of our team. The new Advisory Committee will be comprised of individuals with acumen and know-how that range from general and specific business knowledge to specific industries, and/or operational skills which management believes to be critical to the success of the Company. Harry, our first member of the committee, will focus on marketing of General Employment's services to potential customers. The Company is currently reviewing additional candidates and expects to name more members to the Advisory Committee shortly." 

Harry Newton is an entrepreneur who sold his publishing company in 1997 for north of $130 million. Then he became an investor in, and occasionally chairman of companies he invested in. His expertise tends to be overall business strategy, marketing and technology integration. He writes a daily financial blog called - He is also the author of Newton's Telecom Dictionary, a best-selling work now in its 27th edition.

Newton founded and grew seven monthly magazines -- CallCenter, Computer Telephony, Imaging, LAN (later changed to NetworkMagazine), Teleconnect, Telecom Gear and Technology Investor. He also founded and grew the immensely successful conventions/ trade shows Call Center Demo and Computer Telephony Conference and Exposition, which, in its last year under his control, attracted 26,000 people. He published over 40 books on networking, imaging, telecommunications and computer telephony. In September 1997, Newton and his partner sold the publishing company to Miller Freeman (soon CMP and now part of United Business Media).

Newton was also a popular public speaker for the telecommunications, networking and technology industry and provided consulting services to many telecommunications companies, including some that were later sold (to companies including Intel) or successfully went IPO. Newton has an Economics undergraduate degree from Sydney University, Australia and an MBA from Harvard Business School. Mr. Newton is a referral from Wellfleet Partners, the Company's new consulting and advisory firm and is an investor in its recent financing.



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