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Groupe CRIT announces a good start to the year

In temporary work (83% of total sales), sales in the first quarter was more than &euro 300 million (2) , an increase of 9%.

In France, a stabilized market, sales for the first quarter increased by 5.4 % to &euro 231.1 million. And the group continues to gain market share and confirms its ability to
enjoy the improved conditions seen over the past few months.
Internationally, turnover of &euro 69.2 million, is an increase of 23.1%. Spain confirms the clear recovery of its activity with an increase of 38.6%
of sales in the quarter. In the United States, despite organic growth impacted as expected by the harsh weather conditions early in the year, the turnover
first quarter grew by over 23 %.
Multiservice center : 9.5% growth in international
The multi- pole made ??a good start of the year with a turnover of &euro 64.6 million,
growth of 3.3 %. All activities contribute to growth. In the airport (73.5% of
activity center ), the turnover of the first quarter increased by 3.4 % to &euro 47.5 million , a
market still mixed. Internationally , sales grew by 9.5% to &euro 10.1 million .
In view of the successful beginning of the year , the Group reaffirms its confidence for 2014 in terms of
growth of earnings growth .
(1) Unaudited figures (2) excluding intersegment eliminations activities

David Head


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