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Groupe Crit sees 71% increase in operating profit

The Board of Directors met April 1, 2014 to approve the accounts for the year 2013.

These accounts were audited by the auditors.

In &euro million                              2012               2013               Change
Turnover                                1 490.1           1 558.6           4.6 %
EBIT                                        47.1                 73.2                 55.4 %
Operating income                  40.7                69.6                71.2 %
Profit before tax                     38.1                69.7                82.9 %
Net income                            13.6                46.0                X 3.4

Outperformance France

Revenue growth of over 30 % internationally

CRIT Group achieved an excellent performance in 2013 with a turnover of more than 1.5 billion euros, up 4.6 %. International sales rose more than 31% compared to 2012 and now represents nearly 20% of the turnover of the Group.

On recruitment and temporary employment division (83 % of total sales ) , sales of the year amounted to almost &euro 1.3 billion * , up 5%. International confirms its dynamic with a turnover of &euro 265.4 million, up 33.3 %.

The United States remains the heart of this growth with a turnover of &euro 170.9 million, up 52% ( 18.8 % At constant perimeter and constant exchange rates ) . Two new acquisitions and annual business full-year $ 60 million were made in the second half.

In France, activity has improved steadily over the last month with a quarter up 9 %. The Group thus closing the year with a stable annual turnover of 1.03 billion euros in a market down 6 % (source: Prism'emploi ) . The multi- center, sales totaled &euro 277.9 M * up 3 %. the airport operations , which concentrate 74% of the sales division , increased by nearly 4% to &euro 204.9 million.

Current operating income amounted to &euro 73.2 million, up 55.4 %. The improvement in activity France combined with the tax credit for Competitiveness and Employment ( CICE ) , and the strong contribution International participated in achieving this historic result .

The temporary work division and recruitment , current operating income totaled &euro 66.4 million in increase of 62.2% with a margin was 5.1 % of sales against 3.3% in 2012.

In France , the operating margin was highly appreciated at 4.8% of turnover. A international , operating profit increased by more than two to &euro 16.6 million.

The multi- pole also contributes positively to the results for the year with a result operating income of &euro 6.9 million .

With this excellent performance, the net result is multiplied by more than three to &euro 46 million.

At the end of December 2013 with a cash flow of &euro 61.6 million and &euro 238 million of capital equity, net debt stood at less than 12% equity 

In France , the temporary labor market registered an improvement compared to the beginning of the year 2013. In January , sales and grew by 5.4 % in a market up 0.5 % (source: Prism'emploi ) .

Internationally, the beginning of the year was marked by the acquisition of the company 2AM Group in the United States ( CA $ 23 million in 2013). With this seventh acquisition, the Group is confident in its ability to cross in 2014 the milestone of $ 300 million in sales in this market.

In the airport , the year will be marked by the renewal of licenses assistance airport terminals on Roissy and Orly . Internationally, the outlook remains very favourable, especially with the rise expected of all African concessions (Sierra Leone , Gabon , Congo) and the Group's presence in the Dominican Republic.

In view of these factors, the Group is confident in its ability to achieve in 2014 a new
year of growth and earnings growth .

It will be proposed to the General Meeting of Shareholders on June 20, 2014 the payment of a dividend &euro 0.22 per share.


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