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In-demand storage professionals wait just one month between contracts

While 54 per cent of contractors generally wait no longer than one month, a further 33 per cent only wait for up to three months and just five per cent wait for longer than six months.

IntaPeople canvassed 10,000 IT storage professionals from engineers and administrators to heads of practices and directors.  Survey respondents included those with skill-sets required by all the main storage vendors and manufacturers.

An average daily rate of payment between 300 and 500 pounds was reported by 76 per cent. When asked what it would take to move to a different role during a contract, over a third said they would consider moving for a more interesting project, with 45 per cent saying they would not move.

Contractors are relaxed about their ability to find and retain work on their own terms, and many would consider leaving a job in the middle of a contract for a more rewarding project, possibly even at a reduced rate.  Asked whether they would compromise their daily rate to work on a more interesting project, 84 per cent said yes.

Khuram Chowdhry, Principal Consultant of IntaPeople Storage Recruitment, comments: These statistics reflect a buoyant sector of skilled workers enjoying consistently high demand.  While showing the growth and maturity of the storage market on this side of the pond, it also highlights the demand placed on a relatively small pool of professionals.”

While this is good news for contractors, a candidate-led storage market has created an environment where hiring managers is increasingly difficult.

Chowdhry continues: “Some organisations are attempting to correct the imbalance through graduate programmes aiming to attract more people into the industry, but quickly securing the right contractor can still be daunting.

“There are only a small number of high-quality, dedicated storage recruitment professionals with over three years’ involvement in the industry.  As an experienced storage recruiter, we can negotiate effectively with contractors and clients to achieve a positive outcome for all parties.”

These new statistics clearly indicate the powerful position of storage professionals in the UK.  But to unlock a more balanced, efficient and sustainable ecosystem for storage organisations and contractors, specialist resourcing might hold the key. 


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