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Liberty Bishop review seminar on implications of the onshore and offshore legislations

Liberty Bishop Contractor Services Limited, an established payroll and accountancy provider for contractors, held a seminar entitled & lsquo;Onshore, Offshore&hellipBe Sure!’ at Barclays HQ on 4th April. The seminar was headlined by two key speakers: Wesley Scott, Director of Business development at Liberty Bishop, and Robert Burton, HMRC senior policy advisor.

Presentation suite two was packed with many high level recruitment industry directors representing 38 recruitment businesses. The REC, the trade body representing the recruitment industry, was also in attendance.

Attendees were given a detailed overview of the Onshore Employment Intermediaries and Offshore Employment Intermediaries legislations along with practical advice and suggestions about how they (recruitment businesses) can navigate their way through the legislative requirements in order to mitigate liability and remain compliant.

Liberty Bishop’s Director, Wesley Scott emphasised the need for recruitment agencies to take immediate action and said “With both legislations it is now paramount that agencies take a keen interest in how their candidates are being paid. You will need to have a robust due diligence strategy in place in order to “sort the wheat from the chaff” and determine how your candidates are engaged and whether or not they pose a risk to you.  If this was not already on their to-do list, it certainly needs to be NOW&hellip”

As a follow up to the seminar, Liberty Bishop are now making the seminar slides available and accompanying guidance notes so that all agencies who were unable to attend the event can still benefit from the expert advice given on the day. 

Liberty Bishop will also be making themselves available for a series of one-to-one meetings in order to give agencies the opportunity to discuss all aspects of the legislation - and how they should respond to it - in greater detail.

If you require advice or further assistance, please contact Liberty Bishop on 01582 46144 or email



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