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Next generation of SAP professionals will need commercial and technical skills

The specialist IT recruiter found that organisations are increasingly looking for SAP specialists with both practical and more general business competencies for both contract and permanent roles.

Traditionally, pure technical ability has been fundamental for success, however employers are now looking for commercial understanding from talent and a wider knowledge of the markets they work in. This has meant that professionals with outdated or limited skill sets could find it difficult to source their next job.

Oli Meager, an ERM specialist at Capita IT Resourcing commented, “It’s no longer enough to simply have a technical understanding of SAP products and solutions. The next generation will need to understand exactly what makes the organisation they work with tick, to understand the commercial context a SAP system operates in. We’d urge talent to get out of their comfort zone and try to develop new attributes that will make them more employable in the future, otherwise SAP specialists with purely technical skill sets could risk being left behind.”

Meager continued, “For the most ambitious talent that could mean investing in a qualification such as an MBA, or it could simply involve networking with people from other parts of the company. This may prove to be valuable and should give SAP talent the opportunity to gain a better understanding of the company they work for. Organisations are heavily investing in professionals with the right blend of technical and business attributes and those with a well-rounded skill set could find themselves highly sought after.”


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