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Parasol publishes onshore legislation guide for recruiters

The free, downloadable PDF guide – which can be downloaded here – has been produced by outsourced employment specialist and recruitment industry partner Parasol.

The legislation, which seeks to eradicate false self-employment, became law on 6th April with the passing of the Finance Bill 2014.

It creates significant new risks and administrative burdens for UK-based agencies, managed service providers (MSPs) and recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) companies.

Parasol’s guide summarises the key changes brought about by the legislation, and offers recommendations for recruitment and staffing firms seeking to ensure compliance.

Topics covered include:

How does the legislation affect recruitment firms?

Liability and the burden of proof

Reporting and returns

Personal service companies (PSCs) – are they covered?

Umbrella contractors – are they covered?

Recommendations for recruitment firms

The guide can be downloaded by clicking the following link and filling in your details:

The publication of the guide comes as Parasol launches a new version of its outsourced employment solution for agencies, in response to the onshore legislation.

Parasol Select is aimed at staffing firms that place large numbers of self-employed workers and operate in sectors such as manufacturing, engineering, construction, logistics, healthcare and hospitality.  

By offering a compliant third-party employment solution, it is designed to free recruitment businesses from the financial and reputational risks posed by the legislation.

A staffing firm that uses Parasol Select will be able to outsource the employment of its workers to Parasol. Based on the agency’s specific requirements, Parasol can offer a range of services and functions.

The Cheshire-based company will provide agency workers with overarching contracts of employment and all of the rights and benefits associated with & lsquo;traditional’ employment, such as holiday entitlement, guaranteed hours of work, HR support, sick pay and maternity / paternity pay.

Parasol ensures workers are paid on time, deducting PAYE tax and National Insurance (NI) contributions at source. Agency workers only need to complete one timesheet for the end client, meaning the administrative burden on them will be kept to a minimum.


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