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Prato takes over majority in Actonomy

Actonomy is a relatively young company, competing with the top 5 in the sector. As many as 20.000 recruiters and 300 jobsites worldwide are using Actonomy’s technology : a search engine to find the ideal match between jobs and candidates through semantic analysis. The technology is used by large corporate environments, recruitment agencies and jobboards to screen a large number of CVs and shortlist available and suitable candidates very quickly. Actonomy is a Belgium based company with global activities.

The win-win both for Prato and Actonomy is obvious : thanks to Actonomy’s technology, Prato can extend its service offering of HRM related processes, which means in practice that customers will be able to implement Actonomy’s technology faster and more easily. Actonomy on the other hand will be able to bring its software to perfection thanks to Prato’s know how. Actonomy will also benefit from being part of a large organisation.

Filip De Geijter, CEO of Actonomy and fellow shareholder comments: & lsquo;The power of a large organisation is important for further expansion. But also the knowledge and experience of HR-applications, allowing us to embed our software into Prato’s applications and make it even more user friendly.’

Also Prato sees opportunities and profits, as says CEO Joris Peumans : & lsquo;We have already acquired CheQpoint (Belgian software for service vouchers) and took an important stake in Cognosis (Belgian software for talent & competence management). This year we want to achieve a &euro 5 million turnover. The stake in Actonomy fits into our HR Cycle R4 Strategy to grow towards a &euro 10 million turnover company with 100 specialists. In that context we are constantly looking for possible new acquisitions’.

Hence, the cooperation between Actonomy and Prato is beneficial to all, of course mainly to the customers. Semantic searching – and matching has been &laquo hot &raquo for quite some time. Actonomy and Prato believe that joint forces will allow to bring the technology to a next level. Database screening (searching and subsequent matching) will gain importance and it is easy to see the advantage of shortlisting and matching profiles in no time. It is like everywhere : time is money !



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