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Professional job vacancies in Ireland rise by 10% in Q1 2014 compared to the same time last year

Quarterly data:

&middot The monitor recorded an increase of 10% in the number of professional job opportunities from Q1 2013 to Q1 this year.

Job seeker data:

&middot March 2014 saw a sequential month to month decrease of 6% in the number of professionals entering the jobs market in March 2014 compared to February 201

&middot Compared to the same time last year, this is a decrease of 26% in the number of professional job seekers in the Irish market.

The Morgan McKinley Irish Employment Monitor has registered an increase (13%) in overall jobs coming onto the market (9,142) in March 2014 compared to March last year (8,125).

With regard to new professional job seekers entering the market, the number fell by 6% from 7,450 in February to 6,985 in March.  Compared to last year, this was a significant decrease of 26% from 9,500 in March 2013 to 6,985 in March 2014.

Karen O’Flaherty, chief operations officer at Morgan McKinley commented, “The 10% increase in job availability in quarter one compared to the same quarter last year is an indicator that positive market sentiment has carried through from the beginning of the year.

“We are experiencing healthy demand across key sectors that we operate in. This is in line with recently released figures from the CSO which recorded that the Irish Employment figures are at a three year high.

“In Financial Services compliance & risk and client relationship professionals are sought after in the funds sector as changes in the regulatory environment continue to be implemented.  We are seeing a concentration of private equity firms as Ireland strives to gain market share from competing financial centres such as Luxembourg and the Channel Islands. In addition, insurance and banking are seeking junior customer service staff as they launch new products into the market.

“Qualified accountants (particularly with 2-3 years’ experience) for financial planning & analysis, commercial & cost accounting roles remain a top priority among hiring managers, specifically within start-ups and expanding companies. Demand for transactional professionals in accounts payable/receivable and payroll continue to trend strongly since January across all sectors.

“The IT sector remains buoyant, as big data rapidly becomes a cornerstone of modern IT.Companies  want highly skilled software developers as they move from a strategic high level planning phase to software delivery and implementation.  We are also noting a demand for leadership and senior appointment positions across the IT, supply chain, finance and funds areas as succession plans apply and companies gear up their leadership teams in an improving market.

“Generally Quarter 1 has been positive in terms of hiring activity in Ireland and we would hope to see this continue heading into Quarter 2 of 2014,” said Karen O’Flaherty.

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