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Proffice is strengthening its group management and building for the future

The group management is being strengthened in that the heads of the group's four largest business units, Proffice Sweden, Proffice Industrial & Logistics Sweden, Dfind Nordic and Proffice Nordic and the Head of Group Sales will have positions in the group management.

As an element in the organisational change and in line with Proffice's fundamental strategy which is product leadership through specialisation, Dfind Science & Engineering is also being set up. This means that current operations within Proffice Life Science and Dfind Engineering are merged and will be further developed with new services and in new markets.

"After three months as President and CEO, I can observe that Proffice is a well-run and profitable company with great potential, however, turnover is not growing in line with the market. Therefore we need to simplify the organisation and strengthen the group management in order to inject more vitality and energy into the entire organisation, especially within sales", says President and CEO Henrik H&oumljsgaard.

The one-off cost for the organisational change will be in the region of MSEK 10-15, and will affect earnings during the second and third quarters of 2014. From 2015 annual expected savings will be equivalent to MSEK 5-10. In addition, Proffice will invest a further MSEK 20-25 per annum in the group's infrastructure and IT-system during 2014 and 2015.

"A stable, upgraded system support will mean that we can utilise the group's overall resources more effectively, enabling us to lay the foundations for, among other things, a more effective sales process," says Henrik H&oumljsgaard.

All in all, the measures Proffice is now implementing will improve the capacity to react more rapidly in the market. Proffice will thereby be further strengthening its position to become the Nordic region's most successful staffing company.


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