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Rick Rooter helps recruiters reap rapid rewards of smarter working

The company has released a guide to working smarter on its website, which is designed to help recruiters & lsquo;reclaim their weekend,’ and stop working long hours in order to complete heavy workloads.

The guide offers free hints and tips to recruiters on how they can fit more into their working day, and advises them to hire champions to spread the workload, prioritise tasks and let technology take the strain, amongst other things.

The guide is also being used to introduce the brand new Mercury xRM sponsor, Rick Rooter, to the industry. Rick is the latest person to use and endorse Mercury xRM and was born from a social media naming competition after the software provider wanted to bring an identity and personality to the popular brand.

The guide to working smarter touches upon a topical issue, and as the recruitment industry moves out of recession and demand for candidates increases, recruiters could find themselves with heavier workloads. A recent poll by vouchercloud revealed that office workers are only productive for three hours a day, so maximising working hours and working smarter is vital to keeping up with demand for quality candidates. Rick Rooter takes recruiters through the guide step by step and shares a number of hints and tips to help them start winning the race against time.

Mark Britton, marketing manager at Mercury xRM, wanted to put the guide together after hearing from the company’s recruitment network that a lack of time was one of their biggest obstacles to growth. He said, “We understand that recruiters have a lot to do every working day and, as we come out of recession, demand for high quality candidates is set to increase. There are a number of ways that recruiters can keep up with this demand, but they need to start working smarter and fitting as much as they can into their working day. Recruiters are famous for taking work home and working weekends but by making just a few changes to the way you work, you can accomplish a whole lot more.”

Rick Rooter is fast becoming a popular figurehead for Mercury xRM and is set to join the company exhibiting at industry shows throughout the UK.

Mark Britton explained the idea behind getting Rooter on board, “Rick adds a bit of fun to the Mercury xRM brand and continues our theme of speed. He is an avid go-karter in his spare time and has been on the top of his game in recruitment for years, attracting celebrity status and mingling with the great and good. He represents everything that is great about successful recruiters and is a real champion of working smarter. We are delighted to have him representing Mercury xRM.”

The guide to working smarter can be downloaded from the Resources section of the Mercury xRM website.


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