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Supply teaching agencies are the fifth emergency service, says Genie Education

Pras Desai, operations director at Genie Education, stated, "This statistic not only highlights the challenging and demanding nature of the teaching role, but also shows how important supply teaching agencies are to help keep our schools functioning.  It isn't uncommon to hear about schools phoning recruitment consultants at 5 am in the morning trying to urgently find a replacement. It also demonstrates how resilient supply teachers are.  There can't be too many professions where you get up for work each day not knowing if your services will be required, or where you will actually be working.''

The statistics released by the Department of Education were included in the document School Workforce in England (November 2013)  Each November state funded schools have to complete a mandatory census which provides key data on the 1.3 million staff working in schools. This data covers a wide range of information including job types and salary levels.  


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