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The most obstructive & unsympathetic employee deconstructed

The two organisations conducted national research to determine certain characteristics, personality traits and even people’s behaviour and opinions towards their most obstructive and unhelpful colleagues which the organisations named & lsquo;The Workplace Can’t’.

Some of the highlights from the research are as below.

The person most likely to be uncooperative and unprepared to help in a British workplace is female, according to 54% of those polled and most likely to be called Sarah although males received 46% of the vote so it looks like gender doesn’t really play an important role in being the & lsquo;workplace can’t’.

The majority of respondents (38%) felt that only ten per cent of their workforce is unsupportive and unhelpful.

Almost 18% of those polled named the Human Resources department at their workplace as being the most obstructive and most likely to reject reasonable requests.

The top consideration or coping mechanism for women, when working with the workplace & lsquo;can’t’ is to shout or scream in private, according to the majority of female respondents (45%.) The lion’s share of male respondents (35%) would instead consider swapping seats, to be further away from an obstructive colleague.

Some unusual and distinguishing characteristics that respondents cited of their workplace & lsquo;can’t’ include horn rim glasses, a large nose, moustache, red face, wears sandals all year round and has tattoos.

From a list of professional and unprofessional personality traits, respondents recognised that their workplace & lsquo;can’t’ was argumentative (65% agreed), confident (58%) and deceitful (47%).

Worryingly people are more likely to suffer in silence and let stress build up or even seek new employment (36%) over approaching a superior (30%) Moreover, 20% have considered calling in sick to avoid said person and 15% have considered counselling. 

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