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30% hiring managers have sacked employees for turning up late, survey finds

According to a new study, one in ten workers admit to being late at least once a month, and 14 per cent are late once a week or more. The national survey was conducted online in January 2014 and included a representative sample of 1,000 employees across industries and company sizes.

“Employers understand that from time to time circumstances will arise that are out of a worker’s control and unfortunately cause them to arrive at work late,” says Scott Helmes, Managing Director of CareerBuilder UK. “It escalates into a problem when the behaviour becomes repetitive, causing employers to take disciplinary action. Three in ten hiring managers reported that they had to fire someone for being late.”

Reasons for being late range from factors in a worker’s control to those that are not. When asked what primarily makes you late to work workers said: 

Traffic – 41%

Lack of Sleep – 25%

Public Transportation – 22%

Weather – 13%

Getting Children to School – 7% 

Wardrobe Issues – 5%

Internet Use – 3%

Pets – 3%

Avoiding a late arrival

The key to being a punctual employee and avoiding your employer’s frustration is to understand your schedule and be prepared. If you have free time in the evening, take advantage of the extra minutes and prepare your meals, clothes and bag or briefcase the night before. Likewise, if you need daylight to get moving, set the alarm for an earlier wake-up time to avoid rushing and running late. Also check how the weather may affect your commute, and leave ample time to get to the office. These small steps can get you to work on time and save you from having an uncomfortable conversation with your boss.


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