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Academics Ltd achieve APSCo Compliance+ status

APSCo’s Compliance standard – which covers not only the crucial issue of safeguarding, but also the competency of teaching recruitment standards –was launched by APSCo as a replacement to the now defunct DfE Quality Mark and has been recognised as a ground-breaking initiative by a plethora of influential education stakeholder groups.  This is just one of the reasons why Academic’s Managing Director, Jonathan Long, put his company through the scheme. He commented:

“One of the main reasons we chose APSCo’s accreditation was because of how well known it has become in a relatively short space of time, something the Department for Education’s Mark never quite achieved. In the future Compliance will be a standard that we expect all schools to demand of their recruitment suppliers. Consequently we felt it vital to demonstrate to clients our commitment to not only protecting pupils, but to also drive up standards of teaching recruitment”.

Long also noted that the audit criteria of Compliance served as a fantastic examination for his business and it was particularly refreshing that it was carried out by an external auditor.

“Although we were confident that we would perform very well in the audit stage – and indeed we did – it was a fantastic way to assess our entire business and determine any areas we could improve on.  For example, we learned that we could be a little more robust in our candidate evaluation process, following successful placement.   Finally, the fact that the auditor was external to APSCo meant that the entire process was independently assessed by a professional giving it great credibility.”

To see Compliance in full, please consult the 2014 - 2015 APSCo Education Recruitment Report (yearbook.)


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