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Automotive sector most attractive industry to work in UK

The annual survey of over 9,215 Brits, found that the automotive sector was the most popular industry – closely followed by the Pharma & Life Science and Professional Services industries.  The least attractive sectors were named as Business Services, Utilities & Energy, and Transport & Logistics.

The Automotive sector has never been more popular as an employer.  In 2011, of respondents who know one or more companies operating in the sector, just 36 per cent of those interviewed said the Automotive sector was as attractive industry to work in.  By 2012, that had risen to 40 per cent.  It dropped slightly in 2013 (39 per cent) before soaring to 50 per cent this year.

The poll was carried out as part of the annual Randstad Award, the largest piece of independent international employer branding research in the world, capturing the views of approximately 200,000 people across 23 countries .  The award aims to identify the most attractive large employers in different countries, as judged by the working population.

Owen Goodhead, managing director of engineering recruiter Randstad CPE, said, “Britain’s automotive sector has a lot to thank Top Gear for.  The last episode of the 20th series – & lsquo;Britain is Great’ – was, effectively, a love-letter to the industry.  Clarkson and co lead the charge in the finale by driving down the Mall in three red, white and blue convertible Jaguars, with huge Union flags billowing from the backs.  It was a soul-stirring piece of television that highlighted just how much vehicle engineering, design and construction still goes on in the UK.  It was a worthwhile reminder that Britain’s motoring heritage is still alive, well and absolutely thriving – and it has done the reputation of the whole industry no end of good.  The automotive sector is now reaping a Top Gear dividend.”

“Britain Is Great” also highlighted the UK’s dominance of F1.  Much of the work of F1 is carried out in the UK, in "motorsport valley", a business cluster in and around Oxfordshire including Milton Keynes.  Motorsport valley is home to around 4,300 companies, employing around 41,000 people and with a combined annual turnover of around &pound9bn .  Almost 90% of those companies export their products and services abroad.

Goodhead said, “F1 is a shining example of our engineering excellence.  Eight of the eleven teams racing in 2014 are based in the UK and there’s an entire supply chain feeding off the sport.  That has wider impact on the economy, in terms of jobs, skills and innovation.  The cluster of high-value, hi-tech engineering companies in motorsport valley also dispels the notion that & lsquo;Britain doesn't make things any more’.”

Clarkson, Hammond, and May might not be pleased with the ultimate result of this year’s Randstad Award, however.  Despite their patriotic efforts last summer, German automotive giant BMW, which employs approximately 18,000 people in the UK, was named the country’s most attractive large employer.  BMW beat engineering colossus Rolls Royce plc which came in second place.  Retailer John Lewis came in third.


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